Saturday, March 13, 2010

Adoption Fair

It has been a while since I have posted something to this blog, but not much has been happening on Bully Hill.  The good news is that the snow has melted.  The bad news is that the melted snow (actually, I think they call that water) turned everything into mud... and now it has started raining.  On the bright side, I have seen some small green shoots beginning to poke out of the mud.

Today, however, something interesting did happen.  The Mrs. and I loaded Kane in the truck and took her to a Baltimore Humane Society adoption event. 

Kane was a little skeptical at first,

but she decided it was pretty fun to ride in the car.

We were listening to Car Talk on NPR, and I think she found it amusing.

The adoption event was held in a vacant shoppe that formerly served as an apothecary.  It was sort of a strange venue, but it actually worked out quite nicely.  The store was large and open and it had carpet tiles on the floor.  This allowed me to bring some of the agility equipment since the dogs would have some traction.

There were a lot of excited dogs and Kane was a bit nervous for the first 30 minutes or so.  Instead of socializing, we concentrated on running the agility course and showing off her training.  Once she realized that the dogs were not going to attack her, she started to relax.  She was not exactly ready to play with the other dogs... that was way too scary, but she was able to hang out with them and meet people.  She actually had a good time doing the meet and greet at the front of the store.

 Once we vacated the agility course, some of the other dogs got to try their hands paws at it.  One of the pitties, Miller, did a pretty good job for his first day.

He was a good dog, but Kane was pretty sure he was up to no good.  Obviously, he was behaving in a rather suspicious manner.

Maybe it was the hot pink leash and red and yellow cape.  Any dog that so blatantly disregards fashion edicts could also be scofflaw.

In addition to Miller, there were a lot of other good pit bull dogs.  There was Otis, a timid, little, brown, fireplug who prefered to snuggle in his handler's lap.  He reminded me of Petunia, but with a bit more muscle and a bigger head.  Kane thought Otis was on the up and up.  Otis played a bit with a funny, little, brindle pittie mix named Laurel.  Kane was a bit suspicious of Laurel at first, but she figured Laurel was OK after a while.  Then there was an adorable, little, black, pit bull puppy, Eva.  She had bad skin, but I think all pit bull puppies have bad skin.  Eva was a lot of fun, but Kane, again seemed a little concerned about her motives.

So at the end of the day, we got to meet some nice people and some neat dogs.  Kane got one more experience under her belt and hopefully she will be a bit more open-minded next time.  It was a good day.