Sunday, January 9, 2011

The New Guy is a Jackass

We had been keeping Gino separate from the horses for the past few days.  We wanted to make sure that he did not have some terrible donkey plague that would kill us all.  We went through that already when we rescued Petunia and her sister.

Plague or no plague, we have allowed Gino to join the horses.  The introductions went well.  Snow was desperate to meet him, so we let her out first.  She was very gentle.  Surprisingly so.

Next we let Ellie Mae out.  I had no concerns about Ellie, she is a gentle and understanding horse.

It all went swimmingly... almost too good to be true.

It was pretty clear that we made an excellent decision in adopting little Gino.  He's very cute,

and quite personable.

Just when we decided that this was one of our best decisions ever, it started. 

He likes to chase the other horses...

and bite them.

He also seems to enjoy biting my leg.

So, it's sort of like one big happy family.

I think...

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