Tuesday, April 26, 2011

It's Been a While...

I wanted to leave the Kane video up for a while so people would be forced to watch it over and over.  It has not really done the trick.  Kane has not had a single suitor.

While on that topic, I have tried to start calling her Kana because it is a more feminine form of Kane.  People always assume that she is a boy, and that can be tough on a young lady.  I fear that she is going to have some sort of identity crisis, so Kana it is.

And speaking of creating an identity crisis, we had little Gino gelded.  It was not pretty.  I'm quite familiar with having male cats and dogs neutered... not so bad.  You get an animal with a couple of stitches in the old sack, and you need to keep him from jumping.  No problemo, right?  Well, large animal veterinarians, are apparently trained a bit differently.  Where your small animal vet goes to the school where they teach them about lasers and stitches, large animal vets go to the Doctor Josef Mengele School of Surgery where they use bolt cutters, brute force, and like to let things "drain."

 (What's this now?  Bolt cutters?)

Donkey's groinal region was a bloody, nasty mess for a few days.  Things needed to be "hosed out."  It was a terrible experience for everyone.

But all that is behind us now.  Groins have healed, birds are chirping, and Spring has finally set upon Bully Hill.  It felt like Spring came a bit late this year, but now everything is blooming.  I will leave you with some shots from the farm.


crsh3x said...

Why do I have this image of you skipping around bully hill with a camera snapping pictures of happiness?

BFP said...

Dear sir, men of my significant size and girth do not skip or even saunter. I generally amble, sometimes I might mosey, and at most I will stride or lope. Please make note of it so you don't go embarrassing the both of us.