Sunday, June 14, 2009

Knock knock...

What other new visitors are coming to Bully Hill?

Why its Snow and...

Ellie Mae.

Snow, Mona's Snow Angel to be exact, is a Percheron. We are currently fostering Snow to see if we can improve her ground manners and determine if she is going to be a good match for us. She's a really pretty horse and has been wonderful to have around... well, there was an adjustment period, but it seems like things are working out nicely now.

We adopted Ellie Mae. She is a Belgian draft horse with Brabant bloodlines (Brabants are the Beligian draft horses from Belgium... apparently, Americans have bred them to be a little lankier and taller). She is a strawberry roan which is not uncommon in Brabants.
Ellie Mae was an Amish plow horse... well, for clarification, she was owned by an Amish farmer, I'm not sure if she has any particular religious affiliation. In fact, she seems to like the lights on in the barn, so if she does have a specific set of religious beliefs, it seems unlikely that her beliefs are aligned with those of the Amish. Regardless, she was used as a working plow horse and apparently had a very tough life. She bears a lot of scarring all over her body and she certainly has some fear issues. That being said, she is a very sweet horse and we have been working through things with basic clicker training techniques. It will take a bit of time, but she is going to be a fantastic horse.
OK, well, let's switch from those animals that I think are fantastic back to my reigning problem child. Last winter, I presented the following visual regarding Petunia:
A) good;

B) very bad.

The point being that I need to keep my eye on her, lest she decide to get into trouble. Now today, in the middle of fetch, Petunia ran after the ball and did not return immediately. This is how I found her:

It seems that Petunia saw a bullfrog jump into Big Fat Pond. Petunia decided that she would go bullfrog hunting... in the pond. I found her trampling my water plants and making the pond a big, brown, muddy mess. She refused to come out too. There were bullfrogs everywhere and she was determined to get one. Thus, I had to go in after her, pick her up, and carry her inside to the bathroom.

Petunia did not like this turn of events, but she was quite dirty and smelled pretty bad. After a good scrubbing, Petunia looked and smelled like a new dog.

So it seems that although things are changing quite quickly on Bully Hill, some things remain quite the same.

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