Saturday, June 6, 2009

Responsible truck ownership

My computer recently died. It has taken me a while to get back up and running with the website. The time off gave me an opportunity to consider improvements. One of the improvements I made was moving my blog to blogspot. Hopefully, the ease of use will allow me to post more often.

There have been a lot of new additions to Bully Hill Farm. We have added some horses and even chickens. Unfortunately, I have been busy tending to all of the new animals and have not loaded the software for my camera onto my new computer. Once I get that done, I will introduce the new kids.

In the meantime, I have notice a trend out here. Obviously, when you live in a rural area a lot of people have trucks. What I had not been privy to was the prevalence of "truck balls." If you don't know what "truck balls" are, here:

OK, now I must admit, I did not know that trucks had genitals or could reproduce. I guess that puts the term "auto workers" in perspective. No wonder why they formed a union and strike for better working conditions.
That got me thinking. I don't believe I have ever seen an intact Honda, Toyota, or Nissan. I assume truck balls are considered a delicacy in Japan. The prevalence of un-neutered American trucks may also explain why companies like GM and Chrysler have filed for bankruptcy. If you buy an American truck, please be responsible and get it neutered. There are too many unwanted trucks at dealerships all over the country. Similarly, if you are looking for a truck, make sure that you are purchasing one from a reputable dealer. Don't support side garage breeders.

I considered for a moment that I could be wrong about the reproduction of trucks. After all, the only thing visible are truck balls and I'm pretty sure that you need more to procreate. Rest assured though, if you see truck balls on the back of a truck, you can be sure that there is a penis behind the wheel.

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Porcelain Monkey said...

Oh, the truck nuts. They proliferate in suburbia as well, though *not* on our truck. Some days I wish I could go around neutering them, but I think that's illegal. *shannon