Thursday, July 9, 2009

Down to the chicken farm

I spend a good bit of time with my chickens. I find them to be a very calming influence. In the morning, I exercise the dogs, then enjoy a cup of coffee with the chickens before I groom the horses. During my visits with the chickens, I sing to Brett (he sort of sings along) and Eunice generally comes and sleeps in my lap while the others scurry about searching for food. Sadly, I don't really know many songs about chickens so I end up singing "Chicken Farm" by the Dead Kennedys over and over. Just to add a little variety, I've been trying to think of more chicken songs. I'm at a loss. There was an old Fear song that had an intro about chickens, but I think the lyrics ended with "chicken oh chicken, chicken on my plate." I don't want to traumatize them. There is a great Jaco Pastorius song, "the Chicken," but it is instrumental.
So twice a day, I sing "I'm going down to the chicken farm," as I stroll out to spend time at the coop d'etat (it is really intended for foster dogs, but the chickens have taken it over for now). The chickens don't seem to mind the song, but it is really not about chickens at all. The song is about the struggles experienced by Vietnamese boat people after the war. I'm a bit concerned that I'm giving little Brett Buckwalter an identity crisis. He's been off a bit lately. I found him trying to beat up the bag of pine shavings the other day and I think he's been wanting to start trouble with the Bumpases (which would be a very bad idea). I may need to get him a life coach or something.
In the meantime, I thought I would just take some pictures of the chickens to show how much they have grown.
Here is a shot of little Brett... I was trying to catch his inner torment:

Here is Camilla taking a bit of a rest:

While I was trying to get another shot of Camilla, Brett kept walking in front of the camera:

Since Brett was being a bit of a ham, I moved and took pictures of Beatrix and Matilda:

... and Eunice:

I got a couple of pictures, but Brett chased everyone off and started posing again:


By this point, I had finished my coffee and I was starting to make up my own songs so I thought it best to move on to my other chores.

If anyone has any chicken song ideas, let me know.

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