Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Whoever said an apple a day keeps the doctor away did not own chickens. If I go outside with an apple, I risk serious bodily injury at the hands... errr claws... talons(?) of my little chickens.

They start with the intimidation:

If you have never faced death in the eye, this is probably a close proximity. It's surprisingly cute.

Eventually they will just take my apple from the very hands that feed them. At that point it is a crazed free-for-all... a blur of feathers, beaks, and some fruit pulp.

Here is Little Brett Buckwalter shaking an apple... to its core. OK, I'm not proud of that, but at least it was not potty humor.

On another exciting note, Camilla has started laying! She's like a real chicken now.

She has layed an egg every day this week. The eggs are small, but well-formed.

This evening I went out to Coop D'Etat and found a fresh egg. I'm not really a big fan of eggs and I had not yet eaten one of Camilla's eggs. It seemed kind of weird, frankly. Regardless, I figured that this one was about an hour or so old and it was a chance to eat the freshest egg I would ever eat. Thus, I took it in and fried it up.

It was good.

On a totally different note, I was walking back from the barn the other day when I noticed Cowboy and Sarah acting strange. Sarah was holding her mouth slightly open and she was not looking at me. I knew she had something in her mouth... something that was not supposed to be there. Sure enough, I opened it up and out dropped...

baby robin. I took it inside for first aid, but upon examination realized that it had not been injured. I soaked some dog food and observed it for a while to make sure it was not in shock. It seemed fine, so I crammed some spongey-wet dog kibble down its throat and put it back into the yard. I had noticed the mother robin flying about when I was extracting the baby from Sarah's mouth. I figured that momma-bird would find her baby again and if it took a while that was fine because the baby had just eaten.

I kept the baby on the inside of our fence so it would be safe from roaming Bumpases. I checked on it later and it had already run off. Baby birds don't do great in captivity so I think that this was a good result. I hope it goes on to have a fruitful life.

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