Saturday, August 29, 2009

Saturday fun

It has been raining non-stop for the past few days. Thankfully, Saturday afternoon turned into a lovely day. I decided to rearrange the agility course and have some fun with Petunia and HT. The old Mer got to stay inside and enjoy a big meal complete with some new wet food I purchased for her... a holistic, unique protein food with venison and sweet potato.
So here is the agility course:
I started HT out through the tunnel...
then had her turn back and jump the small jump.
Next I had her turn and take the tire jump...
then over the A-frame...
back over the taller jumps...
and finally over the see-saw...
making sure that we hit our contact area.
Once the course is complete, HT enjoys a moment of self-satisfaction.
Then we get to do everything over again. Here are assorted photos of Heckel and Jeckel doing the course:
This is a ridiculous fascial expression:
HT on top of the world:
and back down:
Then there was lots of jumping:

Good times were had by all.

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