Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Memorial Day

Although it is a bit odd for a man my size, I love bike racing.  I, of course, named my donkey after a famous Italian cyclist. 

Bike racing is great because it has all of the tradition of baseball, the crashes of Nascar, and all of the excitement of... well, baseball.  OK, so there tends to be some less than exciting moments in cycling, but at least you get to see beautiful landscapes during the downtimes.

Memorial Day in Baltimore means one thing to me, BikeJam.  There is a festival and bike racing all day long at Patterson Park.  My friend, Clark, is a professional photographer who was out working at the race.  (We met at an attractive bald men's convention.)  Here is a little something he put together using a new camera:

You can check out Clark's other work at his website:

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