Saturday, July 9, 2011

A New Friend

The day started off pretty normal.  I woke up around 5 a.m., had a cup of coffee, did my morning chores, ate a few meals, watched the Tour de France, took a nap... you know, the normal stuff.  Things, however, got a little exciting in the afternoon.

I let Kana out, then popped up to the barn to check on the horses and donkey (there are some equine issues which I will have to post about later).  As I was up with the horses, I heard quite a commotion and noticed that Kana was jumping into Big Fat Pond.  I walked down, expecting to see Kana chasing a rat, mouse, rabbit, etc..., but it was not a rat, mouse, rabbit, opossum, or anything of the ilk.  What I found was this:

Not knowing Kana's intentions, I picked up the little kitten, and he promptly sunk his vicious kitten fangs into my pinky finger.  His face looked something like this whilst biting me:

So it looks like I'm the new guardian of a small, blue-eyed, long-haired, grey tabby kitten... with sharp kitten teeth.  A quick investigation revealed that he is a boy kitty, about 6 weeks old or so.
Things got off on a bad foot, but we are becoming fast friends.  Currently, I'm considering the following names:

Chairman Meow Tse-tung
Special Agent Jack Bauer
Jean-Clawed Van Damme

Bitey McFurpants
James Van Der Beek

(rejected: David Our-Cat)

Feel free to pick your favorite or even make suggestions.  Winner might get a new cat!

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Chris said...

You could use one of the things I say often to my cats in place of a name: "just back off" "reeelaaaxxxx" "stop that" "jesus christ" (popular name in many contexts, apparently) "wtf are you doing" "run off now" "you vicious bastard" "you dirty thing" or a simple "no no no no no" ... it's actually a long list, but perhaps that's a start