Saturday, August 20, 2011


Snow is still on lock-down, and it has created some problems on the farm.  She's bored, and she wants out.  Donkey is bored without his partner in crime.  Ellie Mae wants to be bored, but Donkey keeps bothering her.

In light of all of this, Donkey has taken to redecorating the barn.  He has decided that all brooms should be in the pasture and now, he is of the firm belief that the buckets belong with the brooms.

To make matters worse, Donkey has also taken to moving the wicker loveseat that we keep in the barn.  He destroyed the cushion a while ago (he also preferred that the cushion be placed in the pasture), but now he wants the loveseat to be in the middle of the aisle.  Once loveseat has been moved, someone has developed the terrible habit of pooping on it.

It seems that Bully Hill Farm is on a slow, downward descent to chaos.  The changes are almost imperceptible on a day to day basis, but once you step back and look, it's surprising.  Giant horse in stall... nothing strange about that, she just had surgery.  Bored Donkey destroying barn... well, that's sort of funny.  Seemingly permanent foster dog finds a kitten... sort of sweet.  But all put together:

Giant angry horse stuck in stall yelling to the crazed donkey that is throwing buckets around, while a kitten (now living in your house after being pulled from the pond by the pit bull dog you agreed to foster two years ago) is stampeding through the house, yowling for food. 

This seems like the the makings if some sort of Orwellian coup d'etat.  I'm pretty sure that this all ends with Donkey setting himself up as some sort of Benito Mussolini figure, ruling a small, independent nation-state, with lots of buckets.

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