Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Troubles with Kitten

James Van Der Beek has gotten comfortable in his new living environment now, and he has become an unstoppable force.  Nobody is safe from his unbridled aggression.  One minute you can be having a pleasant time, cooking or getting a drink from the refrigerator; the next minute, you have a vicious cat clinging to your leg and biting you on the calf.

Here he is moments before attacking poor Kana: 

Kana was sitting peacefully when the little monster slunk-down next to her, his tail lashing about, an obvious tell that he was about to attack.

Thankfully, Kana has been a good sport, but she has her limits. 

We've tried to separate James Van Der Beek in the exercise room, but he'll climb over a baby gate.  He'll climb over two baby gates and jump from 6 feet in the air.  He can't be stopped by obstacles or conventional weapons.

Hopefully, this is just his kitten stage, and he will grow out of some of this behavior.

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