Thursday, November 19, 2009


As I have noted in my previous posts, Kane, or should I say, my uncanny X-girl (that is showing a bit of my inner dork), is doing great with her training.  She has advanced from simple recall and heeling to agility work in just a week.  That is pretty remarkable.  I got some good shots when we went out for the morning training session.

She was excited and ready to go this morning.  I think she is getting the idea that is fun stuff.

The tunnel was a bit more difficult for her than the jumps, but tossing a few bits-o-kibble in there got her through it.

Jumps were no problem for Kane.  She was doing them in a perfect heel.  For the sake of photo-taking I was making her do a sit before jumping.  My timing with the digital camera is not very good and it takes about 50 shots to get 10 photos with a dog in it.

Even the taller jumps were not an issue.

She had some concerns about the tire jump at first, but she got the idea after a few sessions.

That A-frame was an easy task mentally, but...

it does get pretty difficult when you've been through the course a few times.  I think I've mentioned that she has issues with her stamina.

Finally, the see-saw.  At first she thought it was another jump.  Thus, I have been keeping it simple and rewarding her for getting up on it.  We have started with the front paws.  We'll make things a bit more difficult next time.

We're gonna keep pluggin' along, but I could not be more pleased with this dog.

UPDATE:  She got the see-saw this evening and is now running through the entire course without stopping.  She's a monster.  Someone is going to be getting a really fantastic dog.

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