Sunday, December 18, 2011


Whilst running and playing the yard, Petunia sliced up her foot.  It was a pretty bad cut, so we had to do the far too familiar run to the emergency veterinary clinic.  Poor Pea is sporting a few staples in her foot and sadly she has a little hardwear to go along with the staples:

Woe is Pea.


Vegan Burnout said...

Oh, Pea! Poor love. We know that run to the pet ER so well, although Miss Lucy has managed to make it almost a whole year without damaging one of her paws. She sends Pea a nose-bump of encouragement!

Anonymous said...
this is droopy the dog that chris was telling you about :)

BFP said...

Well, Droopy is sure a sad story.
Droopy reminds me of lil' Brudder from Homestarrunner:

He's got he heart of a champion and someone in the Tampa area should adopt him.