Saturday, December 19, 2009

Day 1... still

It is just getting crazy out there.  I went out around 3 and dropped a measuring tape in the snow.  We had about 17.5 inches and we have a few drifts that might be closer to two feet deep.  It's still snowing now and I think we might be close to the 20 inch prediction.

When I let the dogs out this afternoon, HT looked at me as if I was crazy and then relieved herself on the front porch.  (It is a covered porch, but we have a couple of inches that blew up there).

Petunia made a go at it, but backed back up on the porch and took her sister's lead. 

They only mustered up the courage after I walked off the porch.

HT, however, thought better of it as soon as she got down the steps.  She quickly ran back to the safety of the porch.

Pea similarly realized that she was in a bit over her head (almost literally) and decided to join her sister for more quality couch time.

Kane, enjoying her newfound freedom, had a much better time.

She was racing all over the back yard, but as I mentioned, there are a few deep snow drifts.  I was lucky enough to catch this photo just as she found one of them.

Yes, that is a tail in the top left corner.  It didn't stop her though... she just kept running.

The horses have been getting around a bit easier, but the snow still comes up to their knees.

Snow can just make things difficult.

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