Monday, December 21, 2009

Day 2

Things were looking better on the morning of Day 2.  The sky was blue and everything looked beautiful and peaceful.

Mrs. BFP had made cookies so Petunia was safe for the time being.  Of course, I was informed that the cookies were for the Mrs. to bring to work, so Petunia's fate again became very questionable.  Then, I just decided to eat the cookies anyway.  Things got a little less peaceful after that, but I needed strength to move around in the snow... I'm a big man.

Petunia and HT finally got the nerve up to come into the yard and play.  They had a pretty good time exploring their suddenly unfamiliar evironment.

Surprisingly,  Petunia has been the pioneer in snow adventuring.  She even figured out that the snow was not as deep under the pine trees.  She decided that these were ideal places to poop.

Snow seemed to watch with interest...

but then I realized she was probably just hungry.

Thus, I went about the rest of my chores.  After all of the animals were fed, I set forth to dig the cars out.  Thankfully, one of the local farmers came through and plowed our driveway during the snowstorm.  Apparently, he just does this every snowfall.

All I had to do was dig out my parking area, but admittedly, that was easier said than done since it is quite a large area and we have multiple cars.  After a few minutes of shoveling, I was ready to give up and go inside and eat Petunia.  Then suddenly, like an angel riding down from heaven on a '59 John Deere tractor, the farmer came back.  Generally, when I imagine angels, I don't think of them chewing tobacco and spitting everywhere, but whatever... he came through and plowed my parking area.  What would have taken me hours of work, he accomplished in two passes with his magical tractor.  I did not know how else to thank this angel in overalls, so I offered him a beer.  He graciously nodded and I ran inside and yelled for the Mrs. to grab a beer.  Although she noted that it was not yet 10 a.m., I didn't think it mattered.  In heaven there are no such rules about drinking before noon.

The farmer and I had a nice chat.  He noted that he has a farm on the other side of the Bumpases' owners.  He likes to make sure that his neighbors are safe, and he quickly recognized that the Mrs. and I were "Yuppies" that likely had no clue what they were doing.  Thank goodness Brett Favre and Mike Rowe were not around.  That would have been really deflating.

Thus, crisis averted.  With a little extra work and ample help from my neighbor, we all survived the great blizzard of aught-nine with nary a problem.


Heather said...

We are having such a good time reading your writing. (Seems like you're having a good time writing it, too!) Hope you all are staying warm...

Vegan Burnout said...

Psshhh, it was no blizzard! We got maybe 22 inches down here, with no friendly farmer or even county personnel to plow our streets. Lucy did much as Pea and HT did: an excited dash around the yard, followed by the realization that the couch was a better bet. I can't wait to meet them. Petunia's ears are so cute, I just want to nibble them. That would not be very vegan of me, though.

BFP said...

We live in Maryland and my understanding is that anything over 12 inches is a state emergency and anything over 20 inches is a disaster threatening the very fabric of our society and thus, justifies cannibalism. I'm going to go ahead and speculate that Baltimore was reduced to a Hobbesian war of all against all. Though, everyone seemed to pull it together just in time for the Ravens game.

Vegan Burnout said...

I too expected the city to be reduced to something out of "Escape from New York." That's why we stayed snug in suburbia, baking until the sugar ran out. Glad everyone is safe and warm on the farm!