Thursday, December 31, 2009


I am enjoying another lovely day off today.  Although I had intended to work on my patio, it snowed again today.  It's kind of getting old already.  If I remember correctly, it has not stopped snowing since early November.  I recall the days of yore when the sun warmed the earth and we had this stuff called grass actually growing from the ground like a carpet.  It was amazing.  Just something else to tell your grandchildren about.

Since I was sort of stuck inside, I decided to make myself useful.  As background, all of the hens are laying and we generally get 3-4 eggs a day.  That is a lot of eggs and although I am a big man, I don't typically eat 3-4 eggs a day.  Thus, I have been giving eggs to anyone who will talk to me.  Unfortunately, I'm not all that "likeable," so I have a refrigerator filled with eggs.  Whereas I don't see myself changing (that would take work and a real desire to be liked), I can at least make the eggs a bit more appealing.  To this end, my wife ordered some "cute," plastic egg cartons.  I liked them because they can be reused and they are entirely made from recycled soda bottles.  Most importantly, she also purchased some round labels to go on the cartons.

I decided to spend the morning putting together a fun design for the egg cartons.  I am a failed artist... but for a total lack of motivation and talent, I could have made it in the art world.  (I had a professor in college who, upon finding out that I had a student exhibit on campus, noted, "You know who else was a failed artist and a vegetarian?  Hitler."  So I guess I've got that going for me?)  Here is the end result:

Now, I did not come up with the crest all by myself.  I found a logo for a game called Chaos that took the German National seal and added the bomb and dagger.  Since I have raised my birds on punk rock music, I liked the idea of a very dangerous chicken as a logo.  I added waddles and a comb to the eagle and then added the touches of color.  I actually had an anarchy symbol on the rooster's chest, but I thought it was getting a bit busy.  I could have been a bit more creative, but as I have noted before, I am rather lazy.  Here is a clear image of the crest:

I hope everyone has a very safe and enjoyable New Year.


Vegan Burnout said...

Righteous logo, man. I like the not-so-subtle animal-liberation subtext with the rampaging chicken. :)

BFP said...

My chickens are not to be trifled with. Eunice in particular is an attack hen. Thankfully, I keep the knives and explosives away from her.