Friday, January 8, 2010


I am very happy to announce that Brett Buckwalter has been named a partner at his law firm.  I could not be happier for him.  I know he has worked very hard to achieve this goal, and he is a very deserving individual.

You can see the pride and dedication in his face.  Brett is partner material.  Sure, you could say that Brett can be a bit of a cock, but I think you want that in your legal representation.

Kudos to you, Brett Buckwalter, from all of us on Bully Hill!  We wish you the best.

P.S.  And just in case you are wondering, I believe Brett started out in a small, family-owned firm, Bock, Bock, Bock, P.A., but later switched to the much more prestigious, Cocker, Blue, LaDeaux, LLP.

Also if you are wondering, there is no way Brett reads this blog.

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Arman Tamzarian said...

Brett was seen crowing about his rise to power and was over heard to say the following, "I can't live the button-down life like you. I want it all: the terrifying lows, the dizzying highs, the creamy middles. Sure, I might offend a few of the bluenoses with my cocky stride and musky odors - oh, I'll never be the darling of the so-called "City Fathers" who cluck their tongues, stroke their beards, and talk about "What's to be done with this Brett Buckwalter?"