Sunday, January 10, 2010


First, all of us from Bully Hill would like to congratulate the Baltimore Ravens on a dominating win in Foxboro today.  We were all decked out in purple and glued to the television.

As you can see, Tubbs was riveted and remained so, even after the game.  In fact, we were all so excited, we went outside for a long playtime.

I did a little filming of Kane too.

As I keep noting, she is a good dog and will make a really nice companion animal.


Vegan Burnout said...

Would you like to borrow Lucy for a couple weeks and then give her back to us as well-trained as Kane is? Payment is available in cookies and stall-mucking. Don't get me wrong, we've worked with her, but damn, Kane makes her look like a feral puppy on crack.

BFP said...

Oh, you know that I would love to have some quality time with Lucy. She is a smart cookie too. When she was just a little black mouse, she learned to sit at street corners with the big dogs in two days. She couldn't even get up on the couch at that point and she had trouble carrying a tennis ball, but she would watch the Old Mer and learn things. Of course, the smart ones also get themselves into the most trouble.

Sounds like the man of the house might need to go to Home Depot and build some obedience jumps. I can post instructions.

Vegan Burnout said...

That would be excellent. Thanks! I know she'd love agility, and will stay outside as long as we'll let her (unfortunately, we can't take the cold like she can). Guess we'll just have to bundle up and get out there with her. Oh, and rest assured she is a pro at getting up on the couch, even when there's no room.