Sunday, January 10, 2010


I tend to listen to National Public Radio a fair bit.  I noticed today that some of our local programming has underwriting provided by local law firms.  Well, now that Little Brett Buckwalter is a partner in a fictitious law firm, I figured that I would ask him if Cocker, Blue, LaDeaux, LLP would underwrite this blog. 

Brett is a pretty reasonable rooster and the negotiations were easy because:  A) It does not cost anything to keep this blog; B) Neither of us have any idea what underwriting is; and C) Although the content of this blog is questionable at best, Brett is a rooster and his law firm does not actually exist.  Consequently, we just decided to place a logo for Cocker, Blue, LaDeaux, LLP under the blog.  Just look... it really is down there.  Anyway, it seems good enough and now I can say that my blog has under writing by a make believe law firm.

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