Saturday, February 6, 2010

Snow Fun

The sun finally came out around 4 and the snow had ended.  Everything was quite lovely.

We all went out for some playtime and I got a few good shots of the dogs.

When I had Kane out, I measured the snow to see how much actually came down.  Due to the wind, there were a lot of variations in the measurements, but 26 inches seemed like the average.

After I took the measurements, I realized that the snow really was up to the dog's noses... and deeper.  Thus, I changed my perspective and started taking photos of Kane from her level.

I thought it was difficult for me to get around out there, but this made me appreciate what the dogs are going through.  They all got some treats when we got back inside.

Oooh, I hear the faint, chugga-chugga of my neighbor coming through with his tractor.  Time to bring that guy a beer.

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